About Us

Real Skin Care is a plant based range formulated with a blend of 7 essential oils selected for their known benefits to the skin. Bergamot, Mandarin Orange, Lavender, Rosewood, Geranium, Patchouli and Sandalwood have a soothing, relieving, calming effect on the skin.

Real Skin Care is not a beauty range. Our focus is to provide a simple yet effective skin care range, using quality ingredients, essential to maintaining a healthy skin.

We are about REAL. We make no miracle claims, no misleading promises, no marketing mumbo-jumbo, no pseudo-scientific jargon.

Australian made and owned, Real Skin Care is only available online, with no excess packaging to help save on cost and the environment.

Real Skin Care – a realistic skin care range.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. You cannot stop the natural ageing process, you cannot reverse ageing with an over-the-counter product but you can protect against premature ageing by maintaining a clean, healthy skin and avoiding the sun.

There are 4 simple steps that form a realistic skin care routine:

  • 1. – remove make-up, excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and environmental pollution. This step  includes exfoliation.
  • 2.– cleansing alters the pH balance of the skin which is what protects it from bacteria that can cause  infection. By using a lotion, cream or oil based on your skin’s needs and your personal preference, the skin’s  pH balance can be restored.
  • 3.– cleansing also removes sebum, the skin’s natural oil which acts as a barrier to keep bacteria and  irritants out and prevents moisture evaporating. Again, with a lotion, cream or oil, this protective layer can be  replaced.
  • 4.– from photoageing, premature ageing from exposure to the sun. Avoid sun exposure, wear protective  clothing and as a last line of defence, use a sunscreen.


 Keeping your skin clean and protected is the best line of defence against premature ageing.